The Waicuri: Gone but not Forgotten

The Waicuri indigneous people were local hunter gatherers whose language and history are largely lost to the past. They were first encountered by the Spanish between 1535-1633 and were colorfully named by Hernando Cortez as “Los Danzantes” (“the dancers”). This name emerged from the reception the Waicuri allegedly gave Cortez and his men, in which he reported them “dancing and playing flutes made from cane.”

To add to this description, Italian Jesuit Padre Kino remarked in 1685: “[The Waicuri have] a very lively and friendly disposition,[are] of good stature, strength, and health, and very happy, laughing and jovial."

To survive on the Baja peninsula, the Waicuri harvested seeds from native plants including the Palo Blanco, inspiring the name of our first Waicuri model home.

Due to western diseases and colonization, these unique people and their equally distinct language no longer exist. While historically, western explorers, religious scholars, and linguists have tried to resurrect the Waicuri language—only fragments of the original tongue have emerged from their efforts.

In 1874, Francisco Pimental, a mesoamerican linguist, published an indigenous translation of the Lord’s Prayer. From this prayer, we find the Waicuri words for “heaven” and “earth.”

The Lord’s Prayer in the Waicuri language:

Kepe-dare tekerekadatemba(heaven) daï er-ri akatuike pu-me, tschakarrake pu-me ti tschie. Ecun gracia ri atume cate tekerededatemba tscie. Ei-ri jebarrakemi ti jaupe datemba(earth) pae ei jebarrakere a ëna kea. Kepekun bue kepe ken jatupe untairi. Kate kuitscharrake tei tschie kepecun atakamara, pae kuitscharrakere cate tschie cavape atacamara kepetujake. Cate tikakamba tei tschie cuvume ra cate uë atukiara. Kepe kakunja pe atacara tschie.

Matthew 6:12

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